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Brian Douglas opened a youth center in the autumn of 2012 for about 200 children in Vama. In collaboration with the municipality and the school, he can use an existing building and the facilities of the school such as sports equipment.

The idea is to organize activities 2 to 3 evenings a week for children and youths under 10 years and 10-18 years. These children have nothing at home, a place where they can play, 'extra curricular activities' and being able to do sport is something which these children can only dream about at the moment.

But also for children who do not live in poverty, this club is good, it brings the children together. For a small fee there will also be drinks, snacks and sandwiches offered, this helps to keep the club running.

Guest speakers on various topics and an evening for parents are also things with which the club can raise funds. The expected monthly costs (if electricity is donated by the municipality) for this project are 25 euros per month.