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In Eastern Europe, the rights of women are violated for various reasons.

The attitude towards the woman from the communist era, in which she was only allowed to cook, have children and, above all, not have her own opinion, must change.

Violence against women, which regularly remains 'unnoticed', often goes hand in hand with the use of alcohol. Alcohol is easily produced in these countries, because many gardens have vineyards.

In recent years, with the opening of the borders and the less strict rules, a new phenomenon has occurred, namely 'people trafficking', trafficking in human beings.

Organized criminal gangs recruit women far too easily, with the promise of a nice job abroad with higher salaries than they could get at home. For many women who live in poor conditions, the temptation is too great and they find out too late that they have been taken away under false pretenses. They are mistreated and raped and forced to work as a prostitute.

We support the work of the police and provide information about all forms of aggression against women. We visit families who are vulnerable to this situation and temptations and hope to protect girls and women by providing information. When a woman wants to work abroad, we advise on how to deal with it in a legal and safe way, so that she does not end up in the human trafficking circuit.