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Start of the “Timmy Mouse Educational Project” Romania 2014

In October 2014 the first batches of Timmy Mouse material were delivered to Romania. On the 6th of October 2014 we were invited to a press conference organized by the Suceava Police Inspectorate to help launch this first round of books in Suceava County. We in fact spent the full week in Suceava County distributing Timmy Mouse material and training teachers at kindergartens. We had meetings with some local mayors who showed enthusiasm for the project in their communities. Since 2008 St RCHF has enjoyed a healthy collaboration with the Suceava Police Inspectorate, completing many activities and projects which have benefitted children and the community. It was because of this they offered to help us in the distribution of these first sets of manuals to kindergartens.

Other Institutions:

The Director of the Pulmonary Disease Hospital in Iasi, as also a doctor in hospital Marius Natsa in Bucharest, agreed to these educational materials being distributed and used by children in the pediatric section of these hospitals. They, like us realize that any child staying in hospital looses valuable educational time.

September 2015: The latest book "Language with Timmy Mouse" has been printed and shipped to Romania. (3750 books)

November 2016: The second edition of the Look and Learn cards have been shipped to Romania. (225 sets inclusive instruction manuals for teachers.) We were able to print and distribute the “Language with Timmy” book and learning cards thanks to some great donations of businesses and private persons, Meulensteen Foundation, St. Paulien and grants awarded by Give Europe Hope.

Januari 2017: We are very pleased with the first donations for the new book “ Counting with Timmy”. We are working hard to have this new book finish by the end of 2017, together with the new Look and Learn book 2.

The funds of this project are spent entirely on the development, production and distribution of the preschool materials/preschool packages. No salaries are paid and all work is done entirely on a voluntary basis.

With joint efforts, we can work on a healthy educational support for young children in deprived areas, meaning areas where poverty is a great threat to the essential initial phase of the learning process of young children and where preschools have little options for getting sufficient educational material.