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In the summer holidays, RCHF organizes summer activities including summer camps and a programme of creative dance, play and movement for children and teenagers.

In Romania, the children have 3 months of summer holidays in which they often go out with their parents to work. We want to offer the children and teenagers a summer activity programme so that they can just be a child/youth.

Brian Douglas organizes the summer camp for about 40 children divided over 2 weeks. He does this in collaboration with the Ciocanesti Primary School, teachers, police, a priest from the army and the mayor. They are participating in this project as a volunteer.

It takes place in the beautiful Suhard mountains in the surroundings of Suceava and the rural municipality of Ciocanesti. These children have never been on holiday or have eaten ice cream, they are the very poor who are invited to participate and they are offered a programme that offers them more than just fun and vacation.