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We are a small international charity, with its board in the Netherlands. The Dutch part of RCHF was founded by Simone van Altena-Charmant on 3-8-2008 after returning from Romania. She wanted to continue her work and offer Brian Douglas, who has founded RCHF in Romania, a charity with a board to help out financially. She met him when she lived in Romania and had worked with him on the subject of heath education. They decided to join hands and as Brian Douglas continues his splendid work in Romania, Simone developed the Study fund and 'Twinkling Stars' programme. This programme is a part of the Timmy Mouse Educational Project which has been developed by Miriam Charmant. Since 2010 she is the chairwoman of RCHF and illustrator and author of the educational material.

Brian Douglas coordinates everything in North-East Romania, Moldova and Serbia and is assisted by a small team of local and international volunteers. Simone van Altena-Charmant organises summeractivities with her project 'Twinkling Stars' and Miriam Charmant develops educational materials which are distributed to kindergartens and schools.

Everyone at RCHF works on a voluntary basis. We try to get to know the people and families we work with, we don't want to just hand them a package and leave. This way we can address the problems each family has directly at the root and truly provide the help they need.