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Brian Douglas was born in England and is an experienced aidworker in Eastern Europe. He works (voluntary) in Romania, Moldova and Serbia and is the director of RCHF. (for more information about his work click here).

Brian Douglas speaks several languages and is registered as a Humanitarian Aid Worker with the Romanian government, the police and the British Consulate. After seeing the poverty in the nineties, he decided sending aid was not enough and he moved to Romania to offer help on a daily basis. He worked in an 'old school' state orphanage for 3 years and took care of mentally handicapped children. The next 5 years he spent working in a state hospital for children and adults suffering from Tuberculosis, Aids/HIV and Hepatitis.

He has provided health education and worked on raising the standard of life for families and communities ever since. 

"The work we do at RCHF in Romania, Moldova and Serbia, improves the quality of life and provides a better future for the children. We at RCHF work hard to improve the situation of children, because they are the future of this country. The youth of today deserve a better chance in life than their parents had during the communist days. We provide aid, possibilities and ideas for education. The result of lack of health education is seen in the many adults and children in hospitals, where they often reside for a long time, where with the right health education they would probably not have taken ill."