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'Twinkling Stars' is a programme with language, play and dance/movement to support the young child in his development.

Timmy Mouse invites the children to come along on a journey, starting at home, spreading their wings to the world around them. The main road, school, the farm, the village, the city and beyond. Along the sea, wild animals, the desert and into the universe. Seasons, emotions, feasts, our body; they all tell us something about who we are and where we come from.

This programme is part of the Timmy Mouse Educational Project. In cooperation with Miriam Charmant, I have developed a creative map with various routes which invites the child to go on a journey, with the aim of preparing it for school. What makes this project unique is that it focuses on the entire development of the child, both socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically, the child is supported. Through word & print, the vocabulary is increased. With dance & movement we playfully look at 'what do I feel', 'what do I like', 'what is healthy', 'who am I'.

The material consists of almost 70 A3 word & work prints, a handbook, fun interactive and group assignments and the dance & movement workshops.

The basis for a healthy future full of opportunities and possibilities starts in a child's heart which embraces life.

For more information, please visit the Dutch website