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This project is vital in helping to educate pre-school children. They explore the world around them, stimulating a healthy curiosity, which encourages them to learn new things. The project allows (pre-)schools to start working with a simple basic learning programme before children reach the age of compulsory education, therefore giving them a good foundation for the future. Learning within the Timmy Mouse Educational Project provides the children with colourful prints, is playful and prepares them for highschool and beyond.

A friendship and collaboration between RCHF, Wings of Angels Romania and Timmy Mouse, developed over the years, forms the basis for this project and is strongly connected to the socio-cultural background of the children for which this project is intended. We work together with a shared vision that education is the key to a better future. We want to contribute, to stimulate the learning and development process of children at the earliest possible stage.

Director of RCHF, mr. B. Douglas, lives and works in Romania for almost 20 years, most of which on a voluntary basis. He is very familiar with the local issues and strives for continuous partnerships at local, national and international level.

The Study Fund Wings of Angels Romania is managed by Simone van Altena- Charmant. She has lived and worked in Romania for several years among the Roma population. Setting up and implementing a pre-school programme was her main task. In collaboration with the Timmy Mouse Educational Project she developed 'Twinkling Stars’.

The creative side of the project is carried out by Miriam Charmant, who hopes to appeal to the children with the continuous theme 'Timmy Mouse' and encourage them to participate enthusiastically in the project. Before this creative side took the upper hand, she worked 7 years in education as a psychological pedagogical assistant. For more information about Timmy Mouse please visit this Facebook page or (Dutch).