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This project doesn't only look for the best possible way to reach children, but it wants to help the teacher as well. Every book has an opening page with the educational background of the book in a nutshell and some fresh ideas for the teacher. 
Some materials have a special manual. The teacher manual offers questions about the subjects. There is space for the teacher to write down his or her own notes, to make the material more suitable for children in a specific class/group.

At this age, children are very open to learning and the teacher plays a very important role in their lives. Education means to encourage the child to look, to combine information, to use their imagination, to ask questions and to have them tell us something about their own experience.

In short, to learn and to communicate, and by communicating to learn more. As a result, children will not only be stimulated and motivated in their lingual development, but also in their development in general.