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The Wings of Angels Romania Study Fund aims to improve the future prospects of underprivileged children in Romania and Moldova and to break the cycle of poverty. She wants to achieve this by making a study fund available to pupils, schools and social-educational projects.

Money is not directly allocated to an individual child, school or project, but is given via the local foundation to the child, school board or project concerned. This foundation also monitors the spending of the money and maintains contact with the children, schools or projects and with the manager of the study fund. We want to have a transparent accounting, but also to motivate the childto finish school.

The study fund only works with local foundations she personally knows;

RCHF: works in north-eastern Romania and Moldova

Talmid Ministries: works in the Deva area

At the moment there are not yet sufficient resources to actively support projects in both (and other) organizations, the Study Fund is currently working together with RCHF and hopes to be able to support other foundations in the nearby future. For more information (in Dutch), please visit: