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  1. The preschool and kindergarten package presently consists of:'Timmy Mouse Learning cards' part I and part II: This first set consists of a box of 251 cards and a manual. The cards are divided in 22 categories, mainly related to the world of the younger child (such as: farm animals, in and around the house, food, health, exercise, nature, opposites, numbers, shapes, colors, the alphabet). The manual shows how to use the cards. It also provides example questions, examples to extend the educational use of the materials and room for the teacher to write notes, so the material can be taught to the children via the best possible/suitable method, and ties in with the level of the children’s development.The second set consist of 217 cards with 17 categories, like f.e. professions, clothing, buildings, landscapes, in the kitchen, feelings, musical instruments. This set is used only by the teacher with individual children and in small groups. It would also be suitable for teaching children in hospitals. All materials will be used in the national Romanian language.The manual includes an English translation of all categories and cards. This way simple English words can be taught using the same materials.

  2. A book “Easy learning with Timmy Mouse”. A book that stimulates the learning of objects, opposites, movements, numbers, shapes, colors and the alphabet. The teacher can use the same manual as for the Learning cards.

  3. “Timmies Dreamrocket” A picture story book with 32 pages.

  4. A basic book about Geography: „Geography with Timmy Mouse” Pre-school geography helps and stimulates young children to recognize and understand their own environment and gradually expand their knowledge of it. The subjects of pre-school geography will help children in this process of understanding, and facts are presented step by step, in an easy-to-understand way. Starting from a familiar place – home – and accompanied by merry illustrations of Timmy Mouse, the children will “walk” together with their teacher along important subjects, which will shape their basic knowledge of the earth.

  5. The teacher’s manual: the teacher can use questions with each subject to help the children become more acquainted with this new information. There is space for the teacher to write down his or her own notes, to make the material more suitable for children in a specific class/group.

  6. Basics of language: “Language with Timmy Mouse” A book, in which children can practice language, the alphabet and easy words.

All materials will be printed in the national Romanian language.

We want to extend the range with:

  • A basic book of arithmetic; counting and numbers.
  • A second Look and Learn book
  • A new picture book

Because of the good quality of the materials, they can be used over a number of years, which makes them an investment in and for the future.