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We aim to provide schools in (Eastern) Romania and Moldova with educational resources which encourage children in their learning and development process and make a positive contribution to their further education.

We want to make a positive contribution to the learning and development process of children. Every child must have the opportunity to get to know his or her world, to investigate and to be encouraged to actively participate in it. Education is the key to a better future.

Our goal is to provide modern, easy to use and understandable interactive materials that will help improve the development of children in the earliest phases of education. The most easily-accessible material will help increase the vocabulary of very young children. As the vocabulary increases, children will learn to better express themselves and communicate with the people around them. This way, playing and learning is both interactive and educational and improves children’s social skills. Eventually, a successful school process will result in increasing chances on the labour market, which in turn will provide a better and more prosperous future perspective in life for these young children.