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It is extraordinary to observe the speed at which an average child can master a language. A three-year-old child uses about 600 words, a five-year-old has about 3,000. In the meantime, children learn to use the grammatical structures. But an important condition for this is that children are stimulated in their own environment to communicate.

Maria Montessori speaks of the 'sensitive period' for among others the linguistic development. Up to about the age of 7, children are very interested in language due to the ability they have to analyse that language. Within the limits of such a genetically programmed period of time, children are very open to learning certain tasks. Language is an ability we are born with, which has to be stimulated by communication. The sensitive period is the best time to develop language.

We want to connect to this with the 'Timmy Mouse educational project'. Before children start elementary school. Kindergarten-pre schools can take up part of the lingual development. Starting from a good basic lingual development, children will easily continue the learning path.