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Kidsdance is part of Twinkling Stars and is a creative dance & movement programme. It contains elements from different dance styles, creative & dance therapy. It's about what the child experiences, dancing should be fun!

The therapeutic use of dance and movement promotes the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of the (young) child.

Children from 3 to 4 years old learn to play with different rhythms and musical styles. Thereby the consciousness of the own body, emotions, 'I, you and we', movements and rhythm are stimulated.

Fairy tales, myths and stories from, for example, their own culture are used within the programme. 

A child has the right to play, many children are unable to take part in creative programmes or sports because of poverty. We want to stimulate the child in its development and give them a place where they can just be for a moment, having fun together with their peers.

Through play, dance and movement the creativity & general development of the child is stimulated. It learns to recognize emotions, to deal with them and to develop a self-awareness that will help them with identity formation. This helps the child in school performance, which increases self-esteem and prevent leaving school without a diploma. That is my hope. Not school performance, but the development of the child is my priority, but it is important to go through this development by attending school for as long as it wants and is able to.

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