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How do we address poverty?

By involving people in raising their standard of life, they start to make their own or different choices. And it works!

We provide food, seeds (so they can grow their own food), clothing, counseling and education. Together we can tackle the result of years of desperation and slowly but surely people get their life back on track.

We keep in touch with these families to see how they are doing, if they are doing their bit and if they still require our help. We also check if the children visit school and provide health education. Families regain selfrespect and they know they are not invisible or forgotten.

At Christmas and Easter we provide the poorest extra packages with food and some toys for the children.

RCHF supports these families and elderly practically and socially with:

  • Foodpackages, especially around Christmas and Easter
  • Wood for the winter
  • Fill out social application forms
  • House visits
  • School supplies
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Seeds to grow their own food
  • Health education