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RCHF helps the poorest, because they are the most vulnerable to diseases. The poor health in poor families is caused by very poor living conditions, inadequate healthy food, vitamin deficiency, but also due to insufficient knowledge about this. Our first priority is therefore a shared priority of health education and programs that help combat poverty.

Our motto is: prevention is better than the cure!

The educational programs have lesson / information material about:

  • basic hygiene
  • tuberculosis,
  • AIDS / HIV, hepatitis
  • healthy lifestyle and with physical complaints the importance of a medical examination
  • healthy food
  • dangers of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse

RCHF uses an interactive board game for the TB-education which is made by RCHF and has made a nice hygiene booklet for the smaller children, which makes learning fun and makes these topics easier to discuss. For example, from kindergarten to university these topics are discussed and this way, RCHF hopes to teach and pass on this knowledge at an early age.

There are also programs for the parents. Diseases can often be prevented by taking a few simple precautions.

RCHF works in collaboration with health and education public services in the poorest areas of North-East Romania.There is also a cooperation with the local police. RCHF provides support and advice on crime prevention actions and provides information about the dangers of using drugs.