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Despite the fact that RCHF is a small NGO, we have the opportunity to respond very quickly when a major disaster happens in the area. This was the case at the end of June 2010, when after a week of heavy rain, Romania was faced with a major flood. In the region of Botosani, a two-meter-high wall of water caused an enormous havoc, destroying half of the town of Dorohoi. Many people lost everything they had, some even their lives. Water sources were polluted and the huge plague of mosquitoes worsened the already bizarre health conditions.

RCHF was on the spot quickly and made an evaluation of what was most needed. We have asked other NGOs for help and 30 tons of relief supplies were sent, including food, fresh water, beds, mattresses, clean bedding. RCHF provided the victims with clothing, a few tents and bottles of water. We worked together with the authorities of Dorohoi to get porto-cabins for the refugees as quickly as possible, where they could live in until the building materials came from the government.

RCHF has made an emergency plan for disasters, so that it is possible to react more quickly and more effectively in the event of disasters.