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In order to be happy in life, we must learn to respect each other, despite our differences.

Within our work we talk about equality between people, regardless of origin, color, nationality or belonging to a minority. Everyone deserves the same opportunity to be able to be of value in this life.

Children are the future in every country and this is very important to us. In Romania and Moldova we strongly believe that children in schools should not ranked by nationality, race or belonging to a minority group, but that all children can go to the same school and sit side by side in the classroom. This way prejudices can be broken down and understanding eachother can be developed. The separation of children promotes misunderstanding at a young age and ultimately stimulates racism.

RCHF also places great emphasis on health education, so that both children and adults living in the poorest areas and vulnerable to diseases and infections can easily learn about preventive health measures.

We also try to promote an attitude of mutual respect among employees at government institutions. Whether there is a poor or influential person with a problem, their attitude must be the same, so that a lot of frustration and humiliation can be prevented. This is also part of working on a better future!