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It is essential for children to go to school.

We provide children with the means they need to go school, which are impossible for the parents to buy. Parents can send their children to go to school every day and attend the parents' meetings at school. This prepares the children for a better future, they are away from their small houses at least for about 6 hours a day, learn new skills and they make new friends.

The pre-school child is equally important, without any form of preparation (such as being able to hold a pencil properly), the child is unable to start well in school and it is difficult to catch up. Schools themselves do not always have access to material to be able to provide good education. As RCHF we want to make a difference for them as well.

Miriam Charmant develops educational material for (pre-) schools. In schools, but also in a hospital in Dorohoi and in the children's department of the Hospital for lung diseases in Iasi, her material is used to support the young child in his development and schooling. Simone van Altena-Charmant has created the Study Fund 'Wings of Angels' to financially support children, families and students and developed the 'Twinkling Stars' programme in collaboration with the Timmetje Muis Educational Project. This is a programme with language, play and dance/movement for young children. Brian Douglas visits the families and children regularly and provides many children twice a year with school supplies, without which the children can not take part in school.

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