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We support that all 'ethnobotanic weed shops' in Romania must be closed.

We provide information and strive for a Europe free from illegal drugs and drug variants, including hallucinogenic plants and products which pose a health risk.

With an estimated 20 million drug users in Europe, increasing in number every day, the number of drug-related suicides among young people is also rising dramatically.

More consequences are long-term health problems, drug-related accidents, unemployment and not attending schools. The use of illegal drugs has an effect on entire families and the suffering is often incalculable. We do not endorse the harm reduction directive because it does not show a clear result for a drug-free life and, moreover, maintains the addiction.

In our well-designed information programs, we provide information about the life-threatening dangers of less and better known forms of drugs, in the hope that children will not use them when they are offered.

In Romania, modified cannabis substances are offered in the weed-shops ('etnobotacic magazine') in the form of 'relaxing herbs'. This form exists outside the law in many countries and dealers have found a new form to keep drugs on the market. These forms of drugs often lead to death and are proven to be unsuitable for consumption and a threat to public health!

We support the policy to ban drugs in all countries so that lives can be saved. We are working on an anti-drug booklet for young people, with information about all types of drugs, accompanied by animated illustrations. We hope that through good information young people can also make better decisions; decisions that are vital.