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The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of children, poor families and the elderly in Eastern Europe. 

RCHF provides emergency aid, humanitarian aid such as food aid, clothing, social support and, for example, wood for heating in the winter months. But also by giving health education to schools, a close cooperation with the local government as well as with the government bodies involved in, for example, Bucharest, organizing social-educational activities in the summer months and recently also by a study fund.

In 2014 Timmy Mouse joined hands with us. The Timmy Mouse Educational project provides free educational material to kindergartens, schools and hospitals. It is illustrated by hand and developed specifically for the young child. 

We hope that this website will find its way to people who, like us, want to stay involved in what can be done to help fellow people in need. Unfortunately, there is still a need, but in addition to need, there is also hope. Hope in the form of the help that can be offered at this moment.

Miriam Charmant 
Chairwoman RCHF